A Handmade Home

I love the phrase ‘handmade home’ the two words go so well together.

my repotted cacti in their little tins

flowers from the garden

A slew of craft projects on this week, some just little mini ones, like buying a few food tins in the supermarket and using them as pots for my cacti collection, bringing out their colourful Mexican side.

up at the lookout – such a sense of stillness and peace

Up at the lookout found some beautiful pink gum leaves,
slender and curved. I want to translate them into the house somehow.

an early morning mist in the village

the pink leaves from the lookout

Inspired by an article in Inside Out magazine I make some of them into a garland twisted onto a bit of wire. So simple to do, yet it makes my pin board feel festive.

my gumnut garland made from the pink leaves

the stencil so far

My major craft project is working up a stencil for one of the bedrooms. I want it to be in the spirit of Australiana. Copying a gum tree flower from an old shoulder bag, two cut outs made then just spray painted onto a trial board. It has potential, something in the curve of the shape like a paisley, always a good pattern for a wall. To make it feel more fresh and modern it needs to be bigger, oversize. I’d say I’m about half way there…


2 Responses to “A Handmade Home”

  1. tina says:

    Love small projects but somehow, since I’ve started blogging, it’s become difficult for me to find the time. Shame.

    Your projects seem manageable. That’s always good, right?
    Have a good weekend x

  2. Ingridweir says:

    I know exactly what you mean Tina- but then on the other hand blogging can provide such a useful deadline… x Ingrid