A Handmade Christmas

This year I’m having a handmade Christmas – making decorations from paper and twigs and aluminum foil.
Getting out the hot glue gun and my vintage paper craft books…

For the first time I’ve made a wreath and I love the welcoming, festive feel it announces at the front door. Working with a twisted willow base, it was so easy to jam in little bits of foliage for an exuberantly springy circle.

The little red and white balls I made by cutting out 10 circles of fine card, 5 of each colour. Then creasing each one along the middle, flattening them out again into a stack of alternating colours and binding them with a loop of fishing line down the centerfold. Then hot gluing or stapling, starting at the top, pinching a red and white piece together. Next, moving onto the bottom of the ball and gluing another two pieces together so you get a spiral effect. If it’s a bit uneven – it’s part of the charm!

the simplest decoration, stars stamped on cardboard sticky taped to a mossy branch

I like to keep it fresh and simple – the things you spend the least time on often are the best.

the night sky – up at the lookout

Paper is my favorite material. It’s humble but with infinite possibilities. Even just cutting out simple snowflake patterns and then spray-painting them with silver is effective. Fine cardboard from an art supply shop’s usually the best – it doesn’t get all flimsy and flop around.

last year’s handmade decorations – recycled

do they know it’s Christmas time?

These strands of silver bells I made last year from cone shapes cut out of aluminum foil glued along the edges and placed over knots of embroidery thread so they don’t slide down.
I like how the light reflects off the silver and the little tinkly noise they make in a breeze. There’s something so delicate about them.

I guess there’s no real need to make up decorations. And yet when I took the wreath off the front door to adjust it, I missed it being there. It makes this time of the year feel different, celebratory. A break from routine. The thought and the possibility of a fresh start.


5 Responses to “A Handmade Christmas”


  2. So lovely and delicate. Your paper decorations as well as the wreath are stunning.

    Do the sheep know it’s Christmas??

    I hope you have a great time over the festive period xx

    • Ingridweir says:

      Thank you Tina. I confess, I do not know what the sheep were thinking – I was projecting onto them! Hope you are having delightful festive times in old London town! x Ingrid