Years End

The year draws to the end, routines start to break down, festivities spring up in their place. In the old schoolmasters house the broad strokes are in place – now for the delicious layers to be built up.

French film festival poster in the Opium Den bedroom

… the day bed in the Opium Den bedroom

The bedrooms have started to take on distinct characters – they even have their own names. The front room is irrevocably the Opium Den – after old Chinese doors were added to the sides of the day bed there was no going back. Next year I’ll festoon it with vintage Chinese lanterns, and paint the room a rich putty colour. There’s a stash of some beautiful, silky tassels I want to work in somehow.

the cheeky King Parrot that’s always coming round

The bedroom next to it is the Parrot Room – rather literally as it is now covered in wallpaper featuring Australian parrots! Apart from kookaburras, parrots seem the birds most interested in human beings – they can really look at you, regard you. No wonder they are they ones who can speak… I recently read about one who told someone who was speaking to him in a patronizing voice to ‘shut up!’

early morning walk

The Parrot Room

I like the idea that you could wake up in this room, look at the wallpaper and hear the sounds of parrots in the trees outside.

Something I want to focus on next year, while bringing out the character of these rooms – is the flow from one room to another. How the colours sit side by side – how to create harmony, not overwhelm.

in the Village

the hallway light is up

It’s been interesting keeping a photographic journal of this renovation. When doing costume design I’ve always referred back to photos of actors in costume fittings – sometimes you see things in them that you miss in real life. And it has helped in this process too; recording mistakes, changes, growth.

Well, this is my last post for the year, going off the grid for a bit. Time for a holiday & to relax and replenish. Back early 2013, looking forward to the next stage of the journey…


3 Responses to “Years End”

  1. Joh says:

    Happy, happy festivities to you Ingrid. Thanks for all your years sharing of another world with me. I enjoy your artistry.

    • Ingridweir says:

      Hi Joh, Thank you for your lovely comment. This kind of feed back is energizing and inspires me to keep going, all the best, Ingrid

  2. Hello lovely, what a great post to finish the year on.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Opium Den and the parrots. I think your project is already amazing and as you say, now you can layer to your hearts content!

    It’s been a real pleasure to meet you (virtually) this year and I look forward to the progress of your journey in 2013.

    Off to Germany on Monday and back in the New Year.
    Merry Christmas. xx