A Relaxed Country Kitchen

The words ‘country’ and ‘kitchen’ just go together…

telegraph post in the village

country kitchen from an unknown magazine

Looking through back issues of World of Interiors and creating a board on Pinterest, the image starts to come into focus. Dream country kitchens are large and spare, with substantial stoves and checkerboard floors, open shelves, windows onto a cottage garden and maybe an old oil painting propped up. Tea cosies, battered old stools, and large pots and pans. It’s a comforting vernacular, and leads to thoughts of time spent cooking slow meals made with vegetables and herbs from the garden.

the old kitchen at the schoolmasters house – the ‘before’ photo

The old kitchen was an approximation of that dream, if you squinted a bit and blurred your vision. But it felt unloved, tired and cramped. The trick was to bring in some modernity and entwine it with a fresh & affordable version of country charm.

corn from a neighbour’s garden

the kitchen… … a work in progress

The first addition was an island bench in the middle of the kitchen. It’s one of those surprising things when a single piece of furniture changes the feel of a room and the way people move through it. Suddenly the kitchen had a focal point, a clear place to prepare meals or to sit and eat. It felt more homely. The cupboards were painted a subtle grey green, an almost Scandinavian colour, one that was both refreshing and calm. A vintage plate rack was found and open shelves put to the side. A tiled checkerboard floor replaced (awful) fake brick vinyl.

out for a evening walk

the new/old kitchen light

So checking items off the list for country kitchen. I guess some would call them cliches, but I’ll call them classics. Now the broad strokes are in there are layers to be built up, the small details. A new hunt for kitchen bowls, canisters and wire baskets – ones with patina and character. This could take many years, a delightful excuse for stopping off at country fetes and markets. But for now the best accessories are the fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables bought in from the garden…

first crop from the kitchen garden


12 Responses to “A Relaxed Country Kitchen”

  1. bungalowgirl says:

    Love the green you have chosen for your kitchen, is my absolute favourite colour. And the plate rack looks wonderful, I have a photo of a similar one from a wonderful farmhouse kitchen we stayed in in Tuscany. mel x

    • Ingridweir says:

      Thanks Mel, I am really happy with that green, now it is going on to the pantry door too. I like that the plate rack has a link to a Tuscan farmhouse x i

  2. jo says:

    i have just discovered your blog. i am in awe of the beautiful, warm, creative home (& garden) you are creating. you have inspired me in my own home.
    thanks SO much for sharing.

  3. Beautiful.. I love how you take us through your thoughts and visuals… the kitchen looks great and the tomatoes… I’m so deficient of Vit D. I could eat that whole basket and more… we desperately need some sun rays. It’s freezing here.

    Love the corn from you neighbours garden.. x

  4. Ooh-ahh Ingrid Weir! Just discovered your beautiful home and blog through Design*Sponge and have fallen in love! What an amazing place to live and your home looks so warm and inviting. So happy to have come across your blog. (By the way, I think they are classics not cliches too!) Looking forward to getting stuck into your blog this weekend with a big cup of tea.

  5. Lynda says:

    Ingrid, I adore your blog and what you are accomplishing in your vintage home! I will enjoy going back and reading to catch up. You will be a great inspiration for me.

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Ingrid: I found you on Design Sponge and spent a lot of the weekend looking at your blog.
    I l.o.v.e your aesthetic. Inside and out. I look forward to following you on your journey and gaining some inspiration for a similar project.

    • Ingridweir says:

      Hi Susan, Thank you for your lovely comment. Wishing you all the very best with your project, Ingrid