Designing an Interior in the Snowfields

A lot of designers I know like going to the snow. I think it’s because of the visual clarity and purity. So much of the superfluous is cleared away- leaving white planes and blue skies and snow gums. It’s like a palette cleanser. One of the most powerful statements of nature.

looking out from the nook

Falls Creek… the road in

Working on an interior design for an apartment in Huski in Falls Creek. The drifts of snow are piling up, close to finishing now. The objective all along has to be to warm the room & to bring it closer to nature. The building possesses a striking definite modernism. You have to work with it not against it. The view’s the greatest feature- it’s like being high up in eagles nest, looking out across to mountains and down to a far away valley.

view of the ski slopes

Starting with an intensive study of alpine interiors, looking to Scandinavia for inspiration- it became clear that timber was a constant. It works beautifully with both traditional and modern styles. The major feature of the design in this apartment was to clad the ceiling and create a dining nook in timber.The wood chosen the ‘mixed creams’ from Ironwood – recycled and with marks of old nails giving an organic imperfect finish.

charcoal buildings so well defined in the snow

seating nook, upholstered bench backs in Turkish cushions

Initially the main room was all white, tiles and paint both. Experimenting with different colours it became clear that the only to work with the strong architecture was with strong tones. So a very deep charcoal became the accent,the definer of planes.

waking up in the mountains

all ready & waiting

The third major element introduced was the handmade. Embroidered and hand knitted cushions. Throws with running stitch. The bench seat reupholstered in Turkish floor cushions with a snow flake like pattern. With these elements the cosiness crept in, softening the room & making it the perfect place to spend those long snowed in afternoons.


2 Responses to “Designing an Interior in the Snowfields”

  1. I love snow, especially if I’m looking outside from the comfort of my London living room. From my picture windows I can see the Thames and the falling flakes make me feel like I’m living in a snow globe.

    And can I just say, that lampshade is beautiful – as is the whole space.


    • Ingridweir says:

      Hi Kate,

      Thank you. It’s strange to thing it’s nearly summer in London and yet snowing. I still get a little bit excited about seeing snow…