Autumn Roadtrip

It’s strange in a way that trees are the same colour for roughly 90% of the time, then change so radically. Become yellow, red, then lose it all. I love this time of year & I love driving in the country spotting the great runs of autumn colours. Coming down from the whiteout of the snowfields, a road trip through the Kiewa valley and along the Great Alpine Road is like driving into a technicolour movie. Or maybe a 1980s jigsaw.

snow feet

getting ready for opening weekend- the Gully restaurant

Leaving behind Falls Creek & the sound of hammers and saws as people prepare for the start of the ski season. Like the opening night at the theatre, the curtain is due to rise at a predestined time. In the valley there’s no similar tension, the coming of winter more gradual here. This is dairy country, the constantly grazing cows give a calmness to the landscape.

Trying a few thrift stores but no amazing finds for the old schoolmasters house. Despite my ever hopeful looking – the country bargain remains elusive. I am starting to develop a deep suspicion of the word “Collectibles” !

I think this is a liquid amber tree

Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel

The thing I’m coming to value the most are the stop offs along the way – the little pockets of atmosphere. Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel in Beechworth with the open fire, the checkerboard floor and the barman behind the counter shelling walnuts. The complete Swedish world of Svarmsik cafe in Mt Beauty- fresh and wonderful. The best thing about road trips is that you are absolved from actually doing anything practical; making complicated phone calls, errands, housework. You can just kind of enjoy nature and the drive and the cows and a good cup of coffee.

The lovely town of Mt Beauty

Svarmisk cafe – Swedish outpost in Mt Beauty


4 Responses to “Autumn Roadtrip”

  1. snappystreet says:

    What wonderful photographs! I am very sad that autumn is ending :(

  2. Lucy says:

    We were in Bright recently for the autumn festival and the colours were just amazing! Made me feel like packing my bags and moving there – or just living there for the season!

    • Ingridweir says:

      Lucy – It’s interesting I think it was more of a holiday destination in the past. Mt Beauty is my favourite town & they are building some really stylish modern accommodation there now.